A misunderstanding that turned into a nightmare

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

The day it happened

The murder of an 18-year-old high school girl by her stalker ex-boyfriend.

Saya Suzuki (Source: JapanTimes)

The Kidnapping and Murder of Kaede Ariyama.

Kaede Ariyama (Source: Sankei.com)

She disappeared at a gardening event and has never been found.

Yuki at 5 and what she may look like now (Source: Yuki’s missing persons page)

He rammed his car into a crowd then started stabbing them.

Yasuaki Uwabe (Source: murderpedia.org)

“No matter what I do, it always fails”

-Yasuaki Uwabe

He raped over 100 girls and killed seven.

Sataro Fukiage (Source: goo.ne.jp)

The gruesome story of identity theft and murder.

Rika Okada (Source: Iza.ne.jp)

He kept a 9-year-old girl captive in his room for almost 10 years.

Source Image by Pixabay

“She was not only confined physically, her soul was also in chains.”

-Hiroaki Iwai, criminal sociology expert at Tokyo’s Toyo University.

He drugged and raped over 400 women and killed two.

Joji Obara & the two hostesses he killed, Carita Ridgway and Lucie Blackman (Source:hk.appledaily.com)

“I lost my daughter and everything we’d ever share with her. I’ll never know the grandchildren she might have had. Her future disappeared because one man wanted to satisfy some weird sexual urge.”

-Mother of Carita

He killed his mother and two girls for pleasure.

Yukio Yamaji (Source: Murderpedia)

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