He found the perfect woman, then ate her.

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Renée Hartevelt (Source:)

Murder and rape are usually regarded as the vilest and violent crimes a human can do to another human. The shock and reality that people can sometimes be cruel and unforgiving grow with every story in the news. But sometimes, there are crimes committed that are even more unbelievable and extreme that it’s hard to imagine they were committed by a person.

One such crime is the one committed by Issei Sagawa on a Dutch woman named Renée Hartevelt. Luckily she was shot in the back of the neck and died quickly so she did not have to witness all…

The A stands for Awesome

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Just a typical day in Japan (Picture of author by author)

Born in Toronto, Canada. Parents came from India. I moved to Japan in 2003. I teach English, write freelance, edit videos, and have pets too!

Being Shy

I used to hate introducing myself and talking about myself. I was the kid in the back, quiet and invisible. I didn’t say much and I tried to stay as anonymous as possible. I wasn’t disruptive in class, I never raised my hand, and my legs would tremble when I had to stand up in front of the class to make a presentation. Then I moved to Japan.

The attack on celebrity Mayu Tomita by an obsessed fan.

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Mayu Tomita (Source: )

Celebrities and those in the public eye have often been victims of a variety of crimes because of the attention and allure that surrounds them. Sometimes stalked, like Madonna or Rihanna, the stalker follows them, leaves strange messages on their social media, and attempts to break into their homes. Other times, like with John Lennon and Selena, who were killed by their fan/stalker, the outcome is much more tragic.

The line between huge fan and obsessed stalker has been getting thinner as it’s possible for everyone to follow their favorite celebrities on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms. …

Maybe not monetarily but still happy with my 6 months on Medium.

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Photo by from

This is my update on writing for Medium after being a writer on it for six months. If you haven’t watched my first video about Medium where I talk about my first month on medium and how much money I made, then definitely check it out.

I also wrote about my first few months on Medium and talked about all the good things and bad things that I experienced while writing here. If you would like to read that, then that is here:

So now that you have a little background on the level of success I have had…

He stalked her, ruined her reputation, then had her killed.

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Shiori Ino (Source: )

With the #metoo movement and the recent shift in finally believing women’s stories of physical or sexual abuse, luckily there is less victim-blaming happening in the media. Unfortunately, this story is about a 21-year-old girl named Shiori Ino, who was not only stalked and eventually murdered but was also blamed for the crime. The police of Saitama Japan where the crime happened covered up the details and blamed the victim. Then the media ran with the fake news and slandered Shiori’s character.

Shiori’s only crime was trying to get away from the stalker who was harassing her, her family, and…

The White Tiger: A Review

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Poster for The White Tiger on Netflix (Source: )

A movie about society, class culture, gender issues, poverty, religion, corruption, and crime, it’s definitely not a light-hearted comedy. And whether you know much about Indian politics or caste warfare, you will be able to relate to the main character and his struggles.

If you liked Parasite, Lion, or Slumdog Millionnaire, you will most likely enjoy this film based on the book by Aravind Adiga. Not only will the acting, story, and cinematography impress, but the message itself is quite relevant. Directed by Ramin Bahrani, starring Adarsh Gourav, Rajkummar Rao, and Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, you can watch it on Netflix.

Summary (No Spoilers)


Despite signs of her failing mental health, no one intervened.

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Aiwa Matsuo (Source:)

In a small town in Nagasaki, Japan, a 15-year-old girl named Aiwa Matsuo decided to hang out with her classmate. They went shopping, got some food, and headed back to the girl’s apartment. The girl lived alone and Aiwa thought it would be fun to hang out at her place with no parents around to bother them. But the girl had other plans.

The girl beat, strangled, killed, and dismembered Aiwa, including cutting off her head. The murder shocked not only the town but the nation as it was rare to hear of crime, especially murder. …

The gruesome Hello Kitty Murder of Fan Man-Yee.

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Hello Kitty pillow with Fan Man-Yee’s skull inside (Source: )

When you hear the words “Hello Kitty”, you instantly think of the cute, white cat character made popular around the world by Sanrio Japan. The character that was created in 1974 has appeared in animation, toys, clothes, and goods sold all over the world. There is even a theme park in Japan based on her character.

But Hello Kitty took on a brutal and tragic name when three men kidnapped, tortured, killed, and dismembered a hostess in Hong Kong. They placed her head inside one of these popular kids Hello Kitty pillows where it was finally discovered by police.


Fugitive Killer: The Woman of Seven Faces.

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Kazoku Fukuda and her various appearances (Source: )

In Japan, the statute of limitation for murder used to be 15 years. However, the law was changed after a woman named Kazuko Fukuda evaded police for 14 years and 11 months. She was finally caught and charged 11 hours before her statute of limitations would have been upheld and she would have walked free.

She killed a coworker and ran from the police not only changing locations around Japan but even changing her face. …

He was hilarious and way ahead of his time

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George Carlin doing stand-up (Source: )

“In America, anyone can become president. That’s the problem.”

George Carlin was ahead of his time. Being woke, leading the charge in cancel culture, fighting censorship, and supporting those who are vulnerable and don’t have a voice. Going after racists, sexists, fascists, and aiming to bring those who try to restrict freedom to justice. These current events and social issues that are relevant today were being fought before people like Greta Thunberg, Malala, David Hogg, and AOC were even born.

Using comedy, George Denis Patrick Carlin brought important and critical issues of injustice into the living rooms of everyday people…

S.A. Ozbourne

Canadian in Japan. Teacher, Crime writer, video editor, and pet lover. Follow my journey via my monthly newsletter:

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