Possessing guns and 2500 bullets, he shot 8 people including his stalking victim.

Masayoshi Magome (Source: reddit )

You probably haven’t heard many stories of gun violence in Japan. The reason is that there aren’t many. With strict gun laws and guns only in the hands of few, licensed, and professional owners, most Japanese people have never even seen a real gun.

According to gunpolicy.org, there was only…

Seiichi Taniguchi posted his plan on a forum before his fatal bus attack.

An actor from the documentary based on the bus attack (Source: oricon.co.jp)

”Your destination is not Tenjin, it’s Hell!”

Golden Week is a Japanese holiday season between the end of April and early May. Schools are closed, banks, government offices, and many companies close their doors for the spring holiday to enjoy the blooming of the cherry blossoms and coming warm weather.

The knife attack and arson in Tokyo on Halloween night.

Kyota Hattori dressed as Joker as police arrive (Source: Japan Times)

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“I thought it was a Halloween prank,”

-Passenger on train

Although less than a decade ago, Halloween was not a popular holiday in Japan and was…

He killed and raped a mother, murdered her baby, and hid them in a closet.

Yayoi (23) and daughter Yuka (11 months) Source: Twitter

“It was a selfish, self-centered and mean crime that ignored the personality of the victims.”

-Judge Yasuhide Narazaki

Although being 18 years old in most countries is considered an adult, in Japan, the legal age is 20. Japan has a coming of age ceremony for 20-year-olds and many things such…

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