The tragic arson attack on Osaka Mental clinic by Morio Tanimoto

Morio Tanimoto (Source: Asahi)

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Often in cases where someone carries out a mass attack on people in hopes to injure or kill as many people as possible including…

Masumi Hayashi poisoned 67 people in her town during a festival.

The Killer Masumi Hayashi Image Source: Girls Channel

Outside the home, the neighborhood and the local community is usually the safest place for children to congregate and play, neighbors to small talk, and people to support each other during holidays, community watch, and local events.

So it was a complete shock when 67 people in the same small…

He made suicide pacts with vulnerable victims to fulfill his killer fantasies

Image Source:

Most people use the internet for shopping, email, listening to music, streaming video, and keeping in contact with friends and family around the world. There are many social media sites and message boards like Reddit where people share information, news, and their life.

However, there is also another part of…

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