The horrifying acts of serial killer Genzo Kurita.

Genzo Kurita ( Source:

Japan after World War II was going through a variety of changes. And though it would become one of the richest and most industrialized countries in the world, during the 50’s it was facing a lot of poverty and crime. Theft and illegal activity were rampant as society was adjusting to all the stresses that were put on it after the war.

During this time, a man named Genzo Kurita would end up being one of Japan’s most horrific serial killers in history. With a history of poverty and neglect, he would grow up to be a troubled man with…

Also the top 5 articles that were successful

Image by 2649771 from Pixabay

I started writing on Medium in September 2020 and have now written and published 100 articles. In this article I want to tell you about the journey, what I learned about writing, what I learned about writing for Medium, and all the different types of success I found while writing on this platform.

Hopefully some of this information will help those hoping to continue writing on this platform.

I have always been interested in writing since I was in junior high school and the older I got the more determined I was to write and hopefully get published. …

Where should you stay when you visit?

Photo by Clement Souchet on Unsplash

After living in Japan for more than a decade, I have traveled across the country, lived in three prefectures, and have stayed in a variety of accommodations.

And I realized that Japan has a lot of different options, each catered to a different type of traveler. So I made a list of types of accommodations and who should stay in them.

This list covers those who are only planning a short stay (less than a month) so if you are looking for long-term options, stay tuned for an article on that coming soon.

The shocking tale of mastermind Junko Yoshida, who manipulated and led her friends to commit murder.

The nurses in the drama based on Junko Yoshida’s murder case (Source: cinemacafe)

Nurses, who dedicate their lives to saving lives, aiding the wounded, and caring for the needy, are often overworked and underpaid. The profession that requires dedication, hard work, and empathy for the sick is highly regarded and respected in Japan.

But this story involves a group of nurses who did the opposite of what they were trained to do. Instead of healing, they decided to cause pain and take lives. And even more tragic is they decided to target their own husbands.

This is the story of Junko Yoshida, a nurse in Fukuoka Japan who used lies, deception, and brainwashing…

The tragic death of Yuhei Kodama at the hands of school bullies.

Yuhei Kodama (Source:

Bullying is a worldwide problem and in recent years many tragic cases have come to light of children being bullied and pushed to extremes such as murder or suicide. Japan is no different as cases involving bullying have more than doubled since 2010.

According to Statista, in 2010 there were seven thousand reported cases of bullying compared to 2019 where the number peaked at more than eighteen thousand. And these are only cases that have been reported. Despite the anti-bullying campaigns, the problems seem to be getting worse.

Something that separates bullying in Japan compared to other countries is the…

That I still can’t get used to

Image from Pakutaso

As borders start opening up and Japan slowly starts letting travel begin after the corona pandemic, those of you who arrive in Japan for the first time might not know about some of the things that Japan has that might be different from your country. Japan has its own language, writing styles, sports, and cuisine. But it also has some other differences that take getting used to.

The heartbreaking story of child abuse and murder.

Sakurako & Kaede (Source:

Mothers are the ultimate protectors of their children. They are the nurturers, teachers, and safe havens for a child. With care, love, and guidance, mothers teach their children about life and how to be a person. Unfortunately, sometimes children who are expecting a mother to care for them and raise them, instead become victims of child abuse and neglect.

This story is about a young, single mother, with a not-so-happy childhood and upbringing who was taking care of her two children. Sakurako, her 3-year-old daughter, and Kaede, her 1-year-old son. …

And Govinda, an innocent man was jailed for the murder.

Yasuko Watanabe (Source:

Solving murder cases would be so easy if the victim could just tell us who killed them. It’s the job of the police, investigators, and lawyers to bring all the evidence, facts, and details of the crime and paint a picture of what happened because the victim can’t.

But with advances in science and technology, things like DNA analysis are bringing us the closest we have been to understanding a crime scene. Sometimes it is this DNA that has been able to link someone to a murder that was unsolved for decades. …

The senseless murder of Ryota Uemura.

Ryota Uemura (Source: SoraNews24)

Three boys took their “friend” Ryota to the river and decided to torture and kill him. The leader of the group of boys said he saw beheadings by ISIS and wanted to try it for himself. Was this the motive for the killing?

For years, we have been studying murder, rape, and other violent crimes to try to figure out what causes people to commit these crimes. Some people blame it on the media showing too many violent movies and tv shows. Others blame video games, comic books, anime, or rap music.

There have been studies done with contrasting views…

That Are Actually Pretty Good

Shirako (Source:

You’ve heard the term “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse” but I never thought people actually did.

Japan, of course, is famous for sushi, sashimi, and tempura which might sound weird to some but have become so popular and available worldwide that they no longer seem strange.

But once you arrive in Japan and have an opportunity to check out all the different kinds of restaurants and food they have you will realize there are way weirder foods than raw fish.

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