He forced his wife and her family to torture and kill each other.

Some criminals fall into crime because of their circumstances. Born into poverty, abused as children, or having some sort of mental illness, these people grow up and get entangled in crimes such as assault, rape, or murder.

This criminal however was not like most criminals. With no mental illness, childhood trauma, or factors that are usually linked with those who commit crimes, Futoshi Matsunaga was a different kind of criminal. He defrauded, tortured, and had a hand in killing at least seven people for no reason other than he could.

From an early age, he always chose the wrong path…

Sometimes beautiful people can get away with anything, even murder.

Justice is supposed to be blind. Class, race, attractiveness, wealth, or status are things that are not meant to be considered in the eyes of the law. But we all know the truth. It’s easy to see that privilege, celebrity status, and having the right friends can get you out of trouble.

A study from Cornell University found, “that unattractive defendants tend to get hit with longer, harsher sentences — on average 22 months longer in prison.”

This case is about a woman who is young, beautiful, and privileged. …

The real “Little Shop of Horrors” and the serial killer who owned it.

For most people, going to a pet shop is a fun and exciting chance to see cute animals and maybe even bring one home to be part of your family. Images of families and children with their noses pushed up to the window of a glass that separates them from the furry, fluffy creatures are what come to mind when thinking about these stores.

However, this story is about a different kind of pet shop. This pet shop run by scam artists Gen Sekine and Hiroko Kazama involves fraud, theft, assault, murder, and dismemberment. …


Written when I was 20 years old

So I wrote this letter when I was 20 in 1998. In 2018 when I turned 18 I read it and had a good laugh. But I never showed anyone. Mostly because it was embarrassing and also surprisingly too close to home. Especially about the US President. But here it is in 2021 when I am almost 43. Enjoy!

Hey, 40-year-old me!

Are you still alive? Did you get hit by a bus, drown in the pool, or get stabbed at a rave? Hope not. And hopefully, you are not still going to raves. As much fun as they are…

He went from pick-up artist to rapist to serial killer.

He was well off, charming and knowledgeable in a variety of topics such as art, culture, poetry, history, and literature. But rather than use this knowledge to better his life or to teach others, he used it to pick up young women. He liked young, beautiful and vulnerable women. Not because he loved them but because he wanted something to take his anger and frustration out on.

This is the story of a man named Kiyoshi Okubo, who from a young age always blamed others for his lack of success. …

He Stabbed Her 23 Times Then Leaped To His Death.

This is the story of a relationship gone wrong. A couple that not only had a lot in common in terms of age, education, and hobbies but also shared common dreams. Both Asami Noguchi and Hiroyuki Takashi who were coworkers at a candy shop in Tokyo began a relationship in 2016.

Their love for cooking, confectionery, and desserts gave them a common pastime and both enjoyed their trade.

But a combination of mental illness, domestic violence, obsessive behavior, and a broken heart, unfortunately, caused this couple to more than just break up. …

The tragic story of the murder-suicide of Momona.

Momona was like most 21-year-old girls in university. She liked taking selfies and posting them on Instagram, she liked shopping and eating fast food. She enjoyed going to restaurants and cafes with her friends and dressing in the latest fashion trends.

From high school until her time in university, she was always doing something. And though she was a busy body and very social, she was also described as kind, considerate, and concerned with the well-being of those around her. She enjoyed her school life and was looking forward to a good future.

However, all that ended on April 28th…

So far…

I am a pretty intelligent person. Or so I like to think. I have always prided myself on the fact that I was a nice, well-behaved, and normal guy. I never got in any big trouble in school, never got drunk or high, or killed anyone.

I started working at the age of 8 as a newspaper delivery boy and have never stopped working. I have never been fired and have always had steady employment. I never backpacked across Europe or did any hardcore partying.

Wow, my life has been pretty boring!

But, there have been times when I have…

Using the dark web they planned a terrible crime.

“They are devils who have no human heart, so I only want a death sentence. That’s why I’ll do whatever I can.”

-Fumiko, Mother of Rie Isogai

Rie Isogai was walking home from work like every other day. Usually, she called her boyfriend as she walked to the station so she could feel safe. Japan is a generally safe country and crime is low compared to most countries so it’s just an extra precaution she took just in case.

But on August 24, 2007, on the way home from work Rie wasn’t able to contact her boyfriend. As she left…

What we know so far about the death of the “Don Juan of Japan”.

The death of Kosuke Nozaki, a 77-year-old millionaire who called himself the “Don Juan of Japan,” in 2018 originally had been listed as dying of natural causes. However, after an autopsy, it was revealed that he had a lethal dose of illegal stimulant in his system that caused his death.

Three years later on April 28, 2021, Kosuke’s 25-year-old wife Saki Sudo was finally arrested for his murder. Currently, under investigation, the self-proclaimed model who married Kosuke just three months before his death has been under suspicion for years.

This is the story of Kosuke Nozaki, his life and rise…

S.A. Ozbourne

Canadian in Japan. Teacher, Crime writer, video editor, and pet lover. Follow my journey via my monthly newsletter: https://bit.ly/team-ozsome-subscribe

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