Her Husband Killed Her with a Tombstone and left her body at a graveyard

The grisly murder of Yuko Ishibashi

S.A. Ozbourne


Hironobu being interviewed by media (Source: ameblo.jp)

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Sometimes it is shocking to see how heinous and cruel people can be to each other. Watching the news about wars, murders, and vicious attacks, we thank God we are not in that situation. We are safe and protected by our family and friends.

But what makes it scarier and grimmer is when someone in your inner circle is the one that commits the crime. Knowing a loved one has betrayed that trust and caused you pain is the biggest scare.

This story is about betrayal. A story about a young 16-year-old girl named Yuko whose life came to an end abruptly when her 22-year-old husband Hironobu orchestrated an attack on his wife. Not only did he play a part in her murder, but he also pleaded with the media to help find the murderer.

Why did he decide to end their marriage in such a cruel and violent way? How did he get caught? What happened to him and who else was involved? This is the appalling story of a young married couple with a very dark secret.

Hironobu Ishibashi (Source:Ameblo.jp)

Who was Hironobu Suzuki?

The 22-year-old man who killed his wife had a very troubled and dysfunctional life. According to Japanese Wikipedia, Hironobu was born in 1981 and grew up in Chiba City, Japan. When he was 10 years old he was sent to live with a relative when his parents filed for divorce.

He was reunited with his mother when he was 12 but was not doing well in school because of his home situation. In junior high school, because of this lack of stability, he failed his entrance exams for high school and was forced to go to the local high school in his area. In high school, not only were his grades poor, but so was his choice of friends.



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